Honouring the rituals of self care

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Serena Moon strives to create luxurious & effective all-natural beauty products for your skin's best intentions & strives to create a variety of handmade home goods for everyone to experience & indulge in self-care.

Our promise is to never compromise health with our ingredients or compromise product performance while simultaneously creating self-care rituals & inner peace in others lives.

Serena Moon creates all-natural non-toxic products using mindfully, ethically & locally sourced & gathered botanicals & ingredients & use eco friendly recyclable & compostable packaging & shipping materials

 ~ made with love & intent ~ 
 ~ created for all ~ 

Serena Moon ~ Self Care Essentials is all about good vibes & self-care by creating handmade potions & lotions for the mind, body & soul all infused with plant magic, crystals & bathed in moonlight. We need to be able to take care of ourselves & love ourselves before we are fully able to give ourselves to others so we can be fully present with the world around us. All Serena Moon can hope for is that you find some inner peace within her creations. That Self-Care shapes your world so that the world around you feels that peace. Change in the world begins with change within us.