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Cosmos Reading

Oracle & Tarot ~ 3 Decks ~ 6 Cards ~ Images, Reading & 1 Video

Cosmos Reading


In this reading you get to choose 3 Tarot or Oracle decks from my collection you think is energetically meant for you at that time or resonates with you. I will choose 2 cards from each deck, totaling a 6 card reading.

We can chat before hand with what is on your mind.
I only ever channel & connect with God/Creator & nothing else.

However if you would like me to connect to your guides you can specify ahead of time & I will do that for you. Each reading will be sent through email photos of each card as well as a written document of your reading & 1 Video.

I recommend intuitively embodying the reading, taking in each image and each meaning and taking what it means to you, whether what is said or not. Take in the colours, the symbols, the imagery & everything else you notice & see what resonates.

I do my readings with only the present moment in mind, I do not read the past or future, all meanings can be taken with you for going forward but these are readings through God for your current state. Nothing is absolute, only choose what resonates.

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