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October Moons Reading & Forecast



~ Agitation, illuminating wounds. A time of courage, bravery & strength. Warrior archetype. Saturn energy. A time to face negative emotions / situations head on and transmute them with love.


~ Mercury retrograde. Venus energy. Justice & fairness. Transmutation. Set intentions & manifest with joy. A time for new beginnings & softening love.


~ A time to count your blessings & savings. May need to release emotional energy. Mercury retrograde coming to an end. -- Blue Moons are a great time to really feel the magic, especially being on Halloween, spend this day being extra magical. A great time for manifesting & spell making.

The energy of this reading & this month is very strong and emotional, in the best way possible, intertwining cards & cycles, this is very relatable to the world right now. Know we all have to go through our unique experiences and journeys. We all learn different lessons to learn and grow from but we are in this together. You have the power to create your reality and manifest your dreams, despite your circumstances, who you are, where you live, know you are meant to be here and you are exactly where you are meant to be in every moment, you have purpose, find your way in the calm of the storm. Everything happens for a reason & you too will find solace.

Creation is perfect

We are the universe

Everything is where it is meant to be at every moment

The future is in our hands

~ Space Cadet by ¡MAYDAY! ~


The Tower / Page Of Crystals / Ace Of Cups

The Tower ~ Mars Energy / Solar Plexus (Yellow)

~ Inharmonic energy & isolation moving into unknown transformation. A sense of your world being flipped upside down. Repeating negative thought patterns or habits, putting off or ignoring what's going on in our internal and external worlds. A rise in breakthroughs in consciousness which allows us to recognize our own spiritual ascension through purging the unnecessary burdens in our lives and unearthing truths about ourselves and the world around us. -- "Know that for every difficult situation we face, we are forced to grow from experience. Liberation comes from letting go and moving forward and sometimes to do this we have to hit a low point. Without the dark, there is no light." -- We can take the deep meaningful lessons we are learning about ourselves and the world and use these lessons as a time to rebuild our foundation individually and rise up together.

Page Of Crystals ~ Entrepreneurial, Dedicated, Visionary, Adept

~ Manifestation & expansion. Your dreams are seeded but it is time to water your garden. --Maintain your focus with confidence and strength. What are some actions you can take towards your goals everyday? In what ways can you implement & integrate manifestation into your daily life -- Transitioning between dreams & reality. Immersing yourself in nature during this time can help regain clarity & calm.

Ace Of Cups ~ Motherhood, Marriage, Productiveness, Good Health, Friendship, Romantic Love, Psychic Growth

~ New beginnings to celebrate. Gifts coming your way. A time for creativity to explore new avenues or self expression. All in which raising your vibration, lifting the veil of the 3D world. Your psychic awareness is heightening, know you are surrounded by Universal Love and the cosmic ties you share with soul families and friends. Reinforcement of our own identity, self-esteem & personal convictions. Wisdom leads to spiritual growth & illumination throughout your life. Forgive, let go, & release. Feel your feelings, listen to your intuition & shift your energy towards positive thoughts & visualizations. Be gentle with your heart.

Trust The Timing / Your Life Is A Canvas / The Great Severing

Trust The Timing ~ Trust the wave you came in on. Time is not running out.

~ A time to release the sense of time. A time to trust in timing. We are all here for a reason and every moment is being weaved the way it is meant too. We are not running out of time, we are here in the present, in the now, always. You are never too late or too old to live the life of your dreams and answer your callings. -- The tides of your life are magnificently orchestrated to come in and out in perfect unison. -- Don't try and win the race, that is how you waste time & energy when you could be spending that time enjoying your life. Seasons change, times change and yet we are still in the now, you can't expect time to always be linear. -- Don't let impatience, comparison. competition or paranoia disturb the seeds. How can you trust the timing of your life a little more?

Your Life Is A Canvas ~ Artist. Manifestation. Creative accountability.

~ Expression & Manifestation. -- Your present moment is based on your past thoughts & beliefs. Your current thoughts determine your future. -- You are the creator of your internal reality which affects and influences your external reality. A good time to write down what you are thankful and grateful for, look for all the good in your life you currently do have. Being grateful for all that is can be the best way to attracting and manifesting your abundance. How can you express yourself during this time? -- What kind of life do you want to create? What are you being called to create? --

The Great Severing ~ Mars Energy / Anger / Conflict / Softening To Love

~ A shadow card. Important to face our shadows though this time may feel confrontational. -- Don't be afraid. It is here to bring to the surface anything that's standing in the way of letting love in. The warring planet of Mars is our constant reminder that it's important to soften, forgive & find our way back to love. There are many humans experiences that can make it difficult for our heart and soul to stay open to the never-ending source of love. We are all wounded and our unconscious wounds inflict wounds on others. -- This is a time to face your shadow, acknowledge & feel your difficult emotions, situations, conflicts, wounds and fears that are causing you pain and anxiety and to find your way back to love. To be able to go through a painful experience and coming back from that with a softened love instead of letting the pain paralyze you forever. -- We're all innocent children spinning our way around the world, find a way to see the innocence in all people, especially yourself. How are you cutting yourself off from love? How can you soften toward those who have hurt you? --

Forest (Breath) / Greenman (Synergy) / Fairies (Earth Magic)

Forest ~ Breath

~ Breathe deeper. Although as humans we are used to it feeling natural to breathe shallow it is an unhealthy habit that causes shortness of breath. -- When you subconsciously shorten your breath, no matter if this is habitual or trigger by some event or circumstance, it activates certain physiological signals that prepare your system for "fight or flight". Always be aware of your breath. Inhale deeply letting go of your worries with every exhale. Allow yourself to breathe deeper. -- Remember that every breath you inhale is a gift, every breath you exhale, is a gift. The forest is a clear reminder of how this works. --

Greenman ~ Synergy

~ The flow of life is guiding you. You are in mutual cooperative interaction with spirit. Your mission is congruent with your sense of purpose. Synergy is taking place. Balancing the forces of nature, spiritual awareness and personal self or ego in harmony. Embodying yourself as the Greenman within us. Your higher self is always looking out for your best interests. Tune into the guidance and you will move through life with greater each flowing with these synergistic balance of forces expressing themselves as you.

Fairies ~ Earth Magic

~ Love the Earth as Gaia loves you. Feel the gratitude and appreciation you have for her nurturing bounty & security but more important show it through your actions. -- No matter where you live, make it a point to be especially attentive to your surrounding vegetation. It is time to plant something. Get your hands in the soil with love & enthusiasm. Tend to every flower and every tree with love and tenderness you would with a dear friend. Ask the fairies to help you take care of these friends and you will be rewarded many times over. -- Plant your seeds (literally & metaphorically), spend time with nature, ground yourself into the soil & waters, raise your vibration & know you always have mother earth, the fairies & your guides to connect too & watch over you & your gardens you call life.


~ The Starchild Tarot (The Tower, Page of Crystals & Ace of Cups)

~ The Starseed Oracle (Trust The Timing, Your Life Is A Canvas & The Great Severing)

~ Earth Magic Oracle (Forest, Greenman & Fairies)

Thank you ~

Blessings ~

Serena Moon

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