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We create handmade eco-friendly all-natural products. We only use the highest quality locally sourced ingredients & materials. We have a range of Skincare, Beauty, Aromatherapy, Jewelry, Home Goods, Stationery, Artwork, Teas, Edibles & More. There is something for just about everyone! 


Serena Moon has created an online community of like-minded Spiritual folk. For $4.44 per month you can join a community of people who share the same dreams & visions of you. Connecting to others & creating a soul family. Learning from one another is the best way to learn. With this subscription you will also have access to extra content, early releases, discounts & more!


Serena Moon also offers Energy Readings to the public as well. We currently offer 3 different Tarot & Oracle Card & Energy Readings to choose from. We strive to bring peace into our own lives as well as others. Readings can help bring guidance from God/Creator when we need it most. 

Content Creator

Serena Moon creates a range of content for people to enjoy & learn from! She is a model & spiritual warrior, she creates beautiful photos, inspirational wisdom & music & a ton of video content. Ranging from skincare & makeup rituals, to spiritual truths to recipes & food. She is on Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter & Youtube!


Serena Moon offers Spiritual Courses for anyone who feels called to the Spiritual realms. She wants to bring ease to peoples lives knowing the truths of our Cosmos & help remind people of God & of our true Soul purpose here. Teaching Esoteric knowledge & making it easy for people to understand. 

Artist, Musician, Model, Editor, Photographer, Furniture Flipper & More

Serena Moon is a unique model with a range of work & interests. She is working on her first album, she edits photos for herself & others to become dreamscapes & coming soon Serena Moon will also offer Photography for all your photo needs! As well as Serena being an artist who loves vintage & is married to a Carpenter she specializes on the side in taking antique & vintage pieces & refinishing them for a whole new life again. Contact for more details & inquiries.


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